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Today I found myself doing a river tally for the year 2011; from May of 2011 to today I have rafted 33 rivers, most of which were multi-day expeditions. That is a lot for one year! Fourteen rivers were in the USA and the rest were in Mexico. The most exciting part is that many of  […]


Bliss Balls – makes about 2 dozen bite sized pieces   1 cup peanut butter ½ cup instant milk powder ½ cup raisins 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons sunflower seeds 5 tablespoons semi-sweet chocolate chips Outside coating for balls: ½ cup crushed graham crackers (2 squares) 2 […]

Bliss Balls

  Just finished a 16 day private rafting trip down the Colorado River through the grand canyon. What can I say, the canyon is, well, GRAND! Spectacular scenery, interesting side hikes, and cool activities like forming a floating train of bodies in the Little Colorado River. We took our “big” […]

Grand Canyon

The chayote can be eaten raw or cooked. It will keep for at least one week (probably much longer) without refrigeration. It is a mild flavored vegetable that taste something between a cucumber and an apple. I have been experimenting with it these last two weeks and am delighted with what can […]

Versatile Wonder Vegetable

Asian Couscous – makes about 10 cups, serves 8 Vegetarians can simply leave out the chicken 2 ⅓ cups couscous 1 ⅔ cups dehydrated cranberries 2 ½ tablespoons diced dehydrated onions 1 ½ tablespoons dehydrated parsley 2 tablespoons curry powder ½ teaspoon salt 1 ⅓ cups diced walnuts 3 ½ […]

Asian Couscous

Order Online from NRS or purchase directly form your local boating and outdoor recreation retailer. Twelve retail stores including NRS now carry the book. NRS has made it very easy to order through their online catalog. For those of you waiting to order from me directly –  I will be guiding (and camp […]

Easy Ordering Options

Neil just wrote another great post, thanks honey! see below: After running the Cache la Poudre River outside of Fort Collins at high water with some local boaters, we headed for the Arkansas River near Buena Vista. Just in time for (you guessed it) more high water! The flows were finally […]

Surfs Up in Colorado

Many women have told me they admire my ability to run high water, class IV -V rapids. If they only knew how nervous I was beforehand – they might not make those comments. Often, I have butterflies in my stomach. Anytime I am on high water or I run a […]


Just got off the Gates of Lodore through Dinosaur National Monument at some very high flows; about 9,000 cfs on Lodore and near 24,000 cfs through Split Mountain after the Yampa joins the Green. Big, powerful Class III water for the most part. Some big waves to run and some […]

Colorado Whitewater

I am always looking for ways to make camp recipes as healthy as possible. I have just discovered a way to improve some recipes and wanted to pass the information onto you. A few of the recipes in my cookbook “Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers” contain shortening. Shortening works very well in the […]

Camp Cooking Tip

For those of you following our river journey at We’re now heading for the Owyhee River in southeast Oregon. Looking to run the lower canyon, but would be interested in the middle canyon (Three Forks to Rome) if we can get some more boaters. Launch around June 9 for […]

River Journey Continues

cellophane wrapped English cucumber
  The “English” cucumber lasts for a very long time without refrigeration. These cucumbers taste better than the traditional cucumber. No need to peel these thin skinned vegetables. Easily find them in the grocery store by looking for the cellophane/plastic wrapped cucumbers. Make sure it has the “English” cucumber label. Also, before buying check them […]

English Cucumber

Read all about the start of our river journey at We boated the Upper Sacramento river (Cantara), then did a very special anniversary run on the Rogue, and next was the spectacular North Fork Smith.

Great Start!

Mulatos Aros River, Mexico
We are almost ready to take off on another river journey. We will let the river levels determine our path. Here is our general itinerary: May in Oregon/Northern California, June in Idaho, July in Colorado/Arizona, and August in Mexico. I hope you will grab your boat and meet us somewhere […]


A lunch from the ebook "Camp WITHOUT Coolers or Stoves"
On the left is the flavorful Eastern Hummus Wrap. The triangular shaped sandwiches are middle eastern flatbread folded in half and then cut in half.  The rolls are made with flour tortillas. The white julienne cut vegetable is jicama with fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices sprinkled on top. In […]

No Cooking Lunch

Ladore Canyon on the Green River
Welcome to the brand new nocoolers blog. Follow along with this blog to learn my secrets for planning, packing, and preparing delicious food on multi-day outings without a cooler or ice using nonperishable items and fresh produce. Better yet buy the book while it is still on sale. Can’t afford it or do not think […]