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Asian Couscous – makes about 10 cups, serves 8 Vegetarians can simply leave out the chicken 2 ⅓ cups couscous 1 ⅔ cups dehydrated cranberries 2 ½ tablespoons diced dehydrated onions 1 ½ tablespoons dehydrated parsley 2 tablespoons curry powder ½ teaspoon salt 1 ⅓ cups diced walnuts 3 ½ […]

Asian Couscous

Order Online from NRS or purchase directly form your local boating and outdoor recreation retailer. Twelve retail stores including NRS now carry the book. NRS has made it very easy to order through their online catalog. For those of you waiting to order from me directly –  I will be guiding (and camp […]

Easy Ordering Options

Neil just wrote another great post, thanks honey! see below: After running the Cache la Poudre River outside of Fort Collins at high water with some local boaters, we headed for the Arkansas River near Buena Vista. Just in time for (you guessed it) more high water! The flows were finally […]

Surfs Up in Colorado

Many women have told me they admire my ability to run high water, class IV -V rapids. If they only knew how nervous I was beforehand – they might not make those comments. Often, I have butterflies in my stomach. Anytime I am on high water or I run a […]