About the Author of this Blog and Cookbooks


According to my college degree, I am an Earth Science Teacher but my bank account claims Dirtbag Boater status. My passion falls in the River Environmentalist category and according to vocation, I am a Crusty Old Commercial River Guide. But no matter what, I’ll always be a River Gypsy at heart. I have logged over 12,000 river miles within the US, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, and hold numerous first descents, and am the author of two camp cookbooks (with a third in the works). I am also proud of the fact that I have been a contributing author to Duct Tape Diaries since 2010.



I am an outdoor recreation guide with experience as a river guide and backpacking guide. I have worked in the western US, Mexico and Peru. As the owner of “Travel Afoot” I organized and led the first commercial descentS of the Rio Urique and the Rio Tutuaca/Upper Aros in Mexico’s northern Copper Canyon region. I have applied my “No Coolers” philosophy while providing support on many commercial multi-day river expeditions in Mexico and Peru.  I have also provided my expertise on menus and camp food for river expeditions in Idaho, Oregon, and California. My experience as a backpacking and rafting guide allows me to provide expert meal planning, packaging, and preparation guidelines to groups of all sizes. I am the author of the “Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers” cookbook series and is an ambassador and  contributing author to the NRS enewsletter Duct Tape Diaries. A few articles have been written about me and my various river experiences. Check them out in Canoe & Kayak, Paddling with PurposeAmerican Whitewater, and Northwest River Supply

• BACKPACKING AND HIKING GUIDE SINCE 1991; Whitewater River Rafting Guide since 1995 = commercial guiding for over 25 years.

USA: Kern, Kaweah, Merced, Tuolumne, North Fork American, Middle Fork American, South Fork   American, Yuba, Truckee, Rogue, Yampa, Green – Gates of Lodore, Middle Fork Salmon, Main Salmon.
Mexico: Yaqui, Aros, Mulatos, Urique, Lacanja, Usumacinta.
Guatemala: Lanquin, Cahabon
Peru: Maranon

• AUTHOR: contributing author for NRS duct tape diaries since 2010. I am also a self-published author publishing my first camp cookbook in 2010, and then completed an ebook in 2011 and I am working on a third Grand Canyon Style – cookbook for long expeditions using my “nocoolers” techniques, and more articles can be found on my blog at www.nocoolers.com

• ARTICLES WRITTEN ABOUT ME: “Covert Operators: The River Gypsy” in Canoe & Kayak, “Fiercely Independent River Gypsy Mama” in Paddling with Purpose, and “Lacey Anderson – Whitewater Maven” in American Whitewater.

• FIRST DESCENTS: these were all Amazing Adventures! All in Mexico (most I did after the age of 50!).
The list: Tehuantepec, Atoyac, Xochistlahuca, Atotonilco, Santa Catarina, Tlaplaneco, Mezcala, Sahuripa, Sirupa, Agua Azul (first raft descent), Urique in Copper Canyon Mexico (first raft descent), and then several second descents and many more first cataraft descents. Then considering I could also make a list titled First-Descent by Female – now that list would be the longest list of all!

• RIVER ENVIRONMENTALIST: I am an environmentalist supporting Peruvians in their campaign to save the Upper Amazon (Rio Marañón). I am involved with 2 Peruvian NGO’s Remando Juntos, Conservamos Por Naturaleza, and 2 international NGO’s Maranon Waterkeeper and Paddling with Purpose. But I am most proud of the fact that I have recruited several Peruvian whitewater outfitters to help in the campaign (Mayuc/Peru Rafting/Vive Aventuras). 2017 will mark my 5th year organizing and running expeditions on the Rio Marañón.

• FACT MOST PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW ABOUT ME: between the years of boating commercially and boating just for the fun of it, I have logged well over 12,000 river miles!! In the western USA, Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. Whooh! I guess I am a bit river crazy.