Neil Nikirk

Here is a picture of our latest aluminum break-down day frame packed for travel. It really is quite small and weighs about 35 pounds. Very easy to deal with. Full featured with scout rails, adjustable seat bar and yokes, adjustable oar towers, and obviously full break-down fittings. Ready for adventure; Peru here […]

Our Light-weight Break-down Frames

Well, we weren’t able to run the Rio Copon. We were denied access to the river by the local villagers (to say the least). On the plus(?) side, we did make the Guatemalan network news and had several newspaper articles written about our attempt to run the river. Most of […]

Held Hostage

Neil just wrote another great post, thanks honey! see below: After running the Cache la Poudre River outside of Fort Collins at high water with some local boaters, we headed for the Arkansas River near Buena Vista. Just in time for (you guessed it) more high water! The flows were finally […]

Surfs Up in Colorado