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Ben Web the director of Paddling with Purpose did an interview and turned it into an article – he did a pretty good job of explaining what a fit and healthy female river runner of over 25 years can do, including first descents, read on:

Lacey Anderson recounts a lifetime of exploration; with a list of first descents from the last five years that many men half her age could only dream of. “As a single mom I felt that running first descents was too risky, it had to wait until I was older.”

57 years young, Lacey is showing no signs of slowing down. Lacey tells us why she is so excited to be a part of the Paddling with Purpose expeditions; what she hopes to achieve and her simple secret to stay forever young.
Lacey’s next mission is focused on saving the Upper Amazon from destruction. Visit her fundraising page, there is only 3 days left if you would like to help Lacey make this grass-roots project happen! Special thanks to NRS for their ongoing support of Lacey & donation of equipment to the Paddling with Purpose project.

All over the world people dream of being the first to do something. The first to scale an enormous peak or first to discover something new. In the world of whitewater, the holy grail is to notch up a first descents. How many rivers have you first descended?

16 all-together 14 of which were in the last 5 years, after the age of 50!
I have been a boater for many years, but while raising a family as a single mom I felt that running first descents was too risky, it had to wait until I was older.
See the full list of first descents here.

Those achievements are remarkable for anyone, for a middle-aged woman, you are certainly one of a kind. How much time do you estimate you have spent on the river throughout your lifetime?
Between working as a whitewater raft guide and then in my free time I do private boating trips, I have accumulated over 10,000 river miles! I guess we need to consider the number of years I have been a river enthusiast. I started out canoeing flatwater about 30 years ago and then started in whitewater crafts over 20 years ago – canoes, kayaks, paddle rafts, heavy 18 foot commercial gear boats to light-weight catarafts. Hard…

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