Northern Mexico River Guidebook

A Floater’s Guide to the Rivers of the Yaqui Watershed; Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico is the title to the new guidebook.

Here is an Excerpt: Just south of the US/Mexico border (Arizona) lies an expansive and impressive watershed that offers a variety of rivers to be run – the watershed of the Rio Yaqui. This book is an attempt to consolidate what little information there is on boating the rivers of the Yaqui drainage so that other adventurous boaters can experience the thrill of exploration but still have some idea of what they are getting into. It includes photos, maps, river descriptions, and a mile by mile guide identifying the approximate locations of rapids, potential camps, and possible water sources. Much of this information comes from the author’s own exploration of this drainage, having completed cataraft descents of the upper Rio Bavispe, Rio Verde, upper Rio Sirupa, Rio Mulatos (three times), Rio Tutuaca, upper Rio Aros, and lower Rio Aros/Rio Yaqui (five times) and the Rio Sahuaripa (first descent). It also contains stories of descending these rivers by others that have accompanied the author in his exploration of this fascinating and beautiful region.

Both print and electronic (Kindle, Nook, PDF) editions are available on Neil’s website Go Light Outdoors or you can Contact Neil directly.

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