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Newest Cookbook Now Available as an E-book for Kindle or download the FREE Kindle Reading App and read on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Camp cooking expert Lacey Anderson, author of Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II, presents her latest book on camp cooking – without the cooking! Packed with over 40 recipes, Camp Without Coolers or Stoves contains a 5-day meal plan for breakfast, lunch, appetizers, dinner, and dessert with Absolutely No Cooking. With this collection of recipes, you too can eat well in camp without using a stove, fuel, charcoal, or other heat source! You don’t need a Dutch oven, frying pan or cooking pots; you don’t even have to boil water. Because no fuels are used for cooking, it is Eco-Friendly too.

Only $5.99

Less than the cost of a bag of ice!

Download your copy from Amazon today!

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6 thoughts on “Newest Cookbook Now Available

    • Administrator

      All of these recipes are indeed good for those hot summer days at home when you just do not feel like cooking. Stay tuned into the blog I will be writing more river, camping, and recipe posts.

  • Bobbie

    Lacey, any chance you will release the ebook as a web download? I don’t have a Kindle (and don’t want one). 😎

    • Administrator

      You will not need a Kindle to download the e-Book. I do not have a Kindle either, but I have downloaded a lot of e-Books onto my computer with the FREE Kindle reader. It is pretty easy to download the FREE Kindle reader. Here are general directions.

      To download – go to on the left side is shop by department, click on Kindle. That opens the Kindle stuff, look for the FREE Kindle reading apps, click on the link for FREE Kindle reading apps which opens up a new window to all the apps, click on the app you need for your particular computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Then follow the directions for download.

      Thanks so much for your question. Hope this helps you view my book.