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Maps, Maps, and more Maps!  Don’t forget to study those graphs too! What kind of maps and graphs? topographical maps, road maps, GPS maps, Google Earth, hydrology graphs, climate and precipitation graphs. Why all this map madness? We are about to embark on another major river adventure in Mexico. I […]

Map Madness

The new and improved NRS online catalog has a stronger and easier to read format. I really like the way my cookbook page looks on their revised online catalog. The recipes in my cookbooks are perfect for the low-water river situations we have right now in the western United States. […]

A Stronger NRS

Newest Cookbook Now Available as an E-book for Kindle or download the FREE Kindle Reading App and read on your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. Camp cooking expert Lacey Anderson, author of Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers II, presents her latest book on camp cooking – without the cooking! Packed with over 40 […]

Newest Cookbook Now Available

Here is a picture of our latest aluminum break-down day frame packed for travel. It really is quite small and weighs about 35 pounds. Very easy to deal with. Full featured with scout rails, adjustable seat bar and yokes, adjustable oar towers, and obviously full break-down fittings. Ready for adventure; Peru here […]

Our Light-weight Break-down Frames

  In 2009 I was laid off from my teaching job for the last time! I said goodbye to that old career and did not look back. Instead of seeking another teaching job I returned to a lifestyle I love. Basically, I moved into my trusty 4×4 Toyota Tundra and hit the road. To pursue a life once […]

Sweet Obsession

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! and local grown! Chilies, peppers of all variety, limes, mangoes, papayas, oranges, cantaloupe. The gourmet cook will love the amazing variety of spices and frijoles.   A nina bonita selling her families produce direct from the family farm. And my favorite – mangoes – they are in season in the winter. A vendor […]

Mexico Mercado

I started out a winter guiding season on the amazing travertine drops of the Lacanja river in southern Mexico. Thank you Rocky Contos ( SierraRios) for giving me the amazing opportunity of working a few more trips for yet another year.  This waterfall jungle run on rio Lacanja was the perfect opportunity for contribution of my light-weight, low-bulk nocoolers […]

“Wild Crazy Mexican Jungle!”

This was a lunch recipe I learned this summer from one of the outfitters I worked for. Customers really liked it. I like a little extra spice, so it is also good with rajas chilies and some of the juice tossed in. Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top works too!

Outfitter Pasta Salad