Today I found myself doing a river tally for the year 2011; from May of 2011 to today I have rafted 33 rivers, most of which were multi-day expeditions. That is a lot for one year! Fourteen rivers were in the USA and the rest were in Mexico. The most exciting part is that many of  the Mexican river expeditions were first descents.

Mexico Rios for 2011: Mulatos, Aros, Yaqui, Baluarte, Mezcala, Atotonilco, Tlapaneco, Santa Catarina, Xochistlahuca, Atoyac, Tehuantepec, Alamans (upper Copalita), Hamacs (lower Copalita), Filos-Bobos, Usumacinta.

USA Rivers for 2011: Box Canyon (Sac), Cantara (upper Sacramento), Upper Applegate, North Fork American, South Fork American, Rogue, North Fork Smith, South Fork Cal Salmon, Cal Salmon, Owyhee, Payette, South Fork Boise, Gates of Ladore, Split Mountain, Upper Mishawaka, Lower Mishawaka (Cache la Poudre), Fractions/Frog (Arkansas), Brown’s Canyon, Parkdale, Colorado through the Grand Canyon

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