I would like to thank my corporate sponsors and other people that have supported me on my exploratory boating and conservation trips. Without them, many of the things that I have accomplished would not have been possible!

NRS has been extremely supportive of the expeditions I have been involved with and is the major distributor of my cookbooks. At NRS, they love the water, and nothing makes them happier than helping others enjoy it too. Thanks NRS!
I love my light, strong Cataract Oars and use them on all my expeditions. Thanks Cataract Oars!
Chef Carole’s cookies are the best! The chocolate chip are my favorite. These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies. They are loaded with chocolate chunks and have sweet and savory flavor.
Thanks to all our supporters through GoFundMe. Your generous contributions will be put to good use in Guatemala! Through our website and blogs, we will share our adventures to generate interest in ecotourism in Guatemala and raise awareness about the environmental, societal, and economic value of the wild rivers of Guatemala and the threats facing these rivers and the communities that live along them from hydroelectric, mining, and other interests.
Thanks To:
  • Chuck
  • Gabe
  • Dennis
  • Rick and Cindy
  • John and Janet
  • Steve
  • Guy
  • Lisa
  • Kelly S
  • Marva
  • Bruce
  • Bryan
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