Surfs Up in Colorado

Surfing at the Buena Vista play park in Colorado

Neil just wrote another great post, thanks honey! see below:

After running the Cache la Poudre River outside of Fort Collins at high water with some local boaters, we headed for the Arkansas River near Buena Vista. Just in time for (you guessed it) more high water! The flows were finally starting to recede and get near prime boating levels for “The Numbers” when downstream water users demanded more water.Turn up the taps and open the diversion tunnels from the west slope and before you know it, we have near peak flows on the Ark! Oh well, at least we have been able to run “Fractions/Frog Rock” and “Browns Canyon.”

The best part about the Fractions/Frog Rock run (other than the excellent whitewater) is the whitewater play park in downtown Buena Vista. The first feature is a river-wide ledge with eddies on both sides. The best entry is from river right which slides you right out to the sweet spot on river left. We have had SO much fun surfing here at the end of each run. Usually there are some kayakers we can impress! The new Sotar boats handle great and are so much fun to surf. Here is Lacey tearing it up on the man-made feature.

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