Food Tips

Fresh, Fresh, Fresh! and local grown! Chilies, peppers of all variety, limes, mangoes, papayas, oranges, cantaloupe. The gourmet cook will love the amazing variety of spices and frijoles.   A nina bonita selling her families produce direct from the family farm. And my favorite – mangoes – they are in season in the winter. A vendor […]

Mexico Mercado

The chayote can be eaten raw or cooked. It will keep for at least one week (probably much longer) without refrigeration. It is a mild flavored vegetable that taste something between a cucumber and an apple. I have been experimenting with it these last two weeks and am delighted with what can […]

Versatile Wonder Vegetable

I am always looking for ways to make camp recipes as healthy as possible. I have just discovered a way to improve some recipes and wanted to pass the information onto you. A few of the recipes in my cookbook “Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers” contain shortening. Shortening works very well in the […]

Camp Cooking Tip

cellophane wrapped English cucumber
  The “English” cucumber lasts for a very long time without refrigeration. These cucumbers taste better than the traditional cucumber. No need to peel these thin skinned vegetables. Easily find them in the grocery store by looking for the cellophane/plastic wrapped cucumbers. Make sure it has the “English” cucumber label. Also, before buying check them […]

English Cucumber