A Stronger NRS

Lacey showing off on the Rio Atoyac, Mexico

The new and improved NRS online catalog has a stronger and easier to read format. I really like the way my cookbook page looks on their revised online catalog.

The recipes in my cookbooks are perfect for the low-water river situations we have right now in the western United States. Check out the cookbook by clicking HERE. I currently have two cookbooks available. They are both handy for many situations, such as: rafting on low-water rivers, river exploration, when you want a lighter boat, the last days of a  long multi-day river trip like the Grand Canyon, canoeing, car camping, live on board sailboats…..and more!

You may also be interested in my new E-book on Amazon – “Camp Without Coolers or Stoves – Tasty Meals With Absolutely No Cooking!”. Yes, indeedy doo!  No stoves or coolers needed!  No cooking in fact! You may even want this Ebook for those hot August nights at home when it is just too hot to cook. The recipes in this E-Book are full of healthy fresh ingredients. Amazon has done a great job displaying this Ecookbook. To discover the recipes (and a bit of an introduction), go the Amazon website, click the “Click to Look Inside” and you will see the recipes contained within the E-book. Check it out by clicking HERE.

Happy Camp Cooking

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