Camp Cooking Tip

I am always looking for ways to make camp recipes as healthy as possible. I have just discovered a way to improve some recipes and wanted to pass the information onto you.

A few of the recipes in my cookbook “Camp Cooking WITHOUT Coolers” contain shortening. Shortening works very well in the “no coolers” camp kitchen because it does not require a cooler and is shelf-stable, but I have been on the look-out for a healthier alternative.  I believe I just found it. I came across a conversion chart that is handy for easy measurement conversion to replace the shortening with olive oil.

Shortening to Olive Oil Conversion Chart

Shortening Olive Oil
1 teaspoon ¾ teaspoon
1 Tablespoon 2 ¼ teaspoon
¼ cup 3 Tablespoon
1/3 cup ¼ cup
½ cup ¼ cup + 2 Tablespoon
2/3 cup ½ cup
¾ cup ½ cup + 1 Tablespoon
1 cup ¾ cup


How has the 2011 high water boating season been for you? Do you need any advice about packing light (without coolers) or using my recipes? I would love to hear from you – post below.

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