NRS: Traveling to Ecuador with Cats

If I told you it’s possible to go boating in paradise for as little as $46 dollars a day would you believe me? It seems crazy, yes, but in Ecuador, it’s completely attainable. That $46 a day included traveling to Ecuador with my personal cataraft, frame and oars, round-trip taxi rides to the Quito airport, and round-trip bus rides to Tena, one of the boating centers. It also included all of my meals—think yummy local cuisine, not instant noodles—a comfortable room in a hostel, as well as shuttles to the fun class III and IV rivers. Kayakers have been traveling around Ecuador for years, but I discovered that it can be done by catarafters, too. I brought my complete whitewater cataraft package—(two) cat tubes, break-down aluminum frame, three oars and all the necessary personal safety gear (PFD, helmet, rescue rope, etc.)—from the USA to Ecuador and spent less than $50 a day. If I can do it, so can you. So pack up your cataraft and let’s go boating! Here’s how.

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