Powdered Hummus, Dehydrated and Freeze-dried Mango

Powdered Hummus, Dehydrated Mangoes, Agave Nectar, and Pure Vanilla Powder

The majority of the ingredients for the recipes in my cookbook can be purchased at the supermarket. Sometimes the grocers place the items on the bottom shelves or in the health food isle, but if you search you will usually find. Below are pictures of some of the brands. I hope this will make it easier for you to find at your local supermarket. The powdered/dried hummus is made by other companies as well. Quite often the dehydrated/dried mangoes are in bulk bins. The vanilla powder may be in with the spices. I have found agave nectar stocked in various locations, health food, sugars, syrups, etc. 
Powdered/Dried Hummus

Dehydrated Mangoes

Agave Nectar and Pure Vanilla Powder

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